The roots of Vinicoltura lie in a story made up of passion and dedication. It was in the Sixties that Gaetano was first struck by the skill of the winegrowers who, on the gentle hills around Conegliano, cultivating the traditional local grape varieties, made one of the world’s most prestigious wines. No one ever gets confused: when you mention the Veneto hills, warmed by a weak sun, thoughts fly immediately to a white wine with a characteristic pale straw yellow colour; the now famous Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Fascinated by its unmistakable qualities, Gaetano decided to begin making wine and he laid the foundations of Vinicoltura Le Rughe, set in the green heart of Veneto’s manufacturing district and farmlands. So much has happened since those first steps were taken all those years ago. Progress, technology and modernisation have transformed the north-east Italian landscape, making it the well-known economic driving force it is today. But beyond the curtain of industries that stand along the productive umbilical cord that is state highway 13, you can still see the green hills of Conegliano, illuminated by the sunshine, where the farmers dedicate their lives to growing grapes. It is here that you will discover the vineyards of Vinicoltura Le Rughe, an estate which has devoted everything to the production of wine, combining traditional artisan know-how with modern production requirements. In a delicate balance between past and present, between tradition and innovation, lies the secret of a wine which never ceases to tickle the most demanding and refined palates with its unequalled qualities, recognised all over the world. Today, Le Rughe is an exclusive brand. Come and taste it in person. You won’t be disappointed!