The Conegliano hills, special for Prosecco

To really notice all the breath-taking beauty of our softly rolling, curvy hills near Conegliano and those that are harsher and sometimes steep in the Valdobbiadene, area, you simply have to live them! We winegrowers who have our homes here and who really live them on a daily basis, love them to the core and are filled with ecstasy and admiration every time we round a bend and find ourselves looking at a vineyard clinging to the hillside, a living work of art on a canvas painted by the most genial of impressionists. Colours which, on our “shores”, change from season to season, ranging from the full brown of the arched fruit canes, ready – in a spring that started out cold – to open their swollen buds, progressing to the luxuriant green of the whole summer, in which the bunches blossom and start to swell, ending up with the golden yellow of the leaves and grapes just waiting to be picked.